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Learning to trade stocks and options can provide you with a lifetime pathway to wealth.


Many people go to school in order to become wealthy.  That's exactly what I did, I went to school and got an M.B.A from California State University.  I worked for prestigious Fortune 500 firms and was well paid.  All the while I was an employee and I depended on the company for my living.  Then I learned to trade stocks and options

Over 30 years ago I met a man, Howard Byron, who changed my life forever.  In about eight weeks he showed me the basics of trading stocks and options for a living.  Starting with a small account of less then $3,000 I have been trading successfully for almost three decades.  I was able to build wealth in the stock market by following a sound trading plan; a plan that I would like to pass along to you.  Happy Trading!

- James K. (Jim) Malone

  Come Trade with us